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A Starry-Eyed Luncheon
Olive tilted her head hesitantly as she followed a faint scent trail through the heart of the pack. In her mouth she carried a burden of an unusually fat hare that she'd painstakingly tracked and caught after a few hours. This particular gift she had decided upon in repayment for Sekel so kindly sharing his lunch the other day. The young she-wolf always tried to pay her debts and this time she was in an environment with enough game that she could succeed. Even so, she slunk low to the ground and carefully avoided all the dens belonging to the higher ranked wolves. Olive didn't want to be caught by any of them and have to explain why she deserved to take prey...The tall female snuffled lightly when finally the male's scent strengthened at a small path to another den. Straightening she flicked her tail nervously before rumbling a polite greeting and a request for an audience, hoping he might respond.
Sekel stirred from his nap. A wolf's scent wafted into his black nostrils, and his heart
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Three's a Crowd
The sun rested on the horizon as dusk began to settle across the land turning the sky into a bright orange some of the stars becoming visible. Orbs watched them from down below admiring them before her head shifted toward the water beginning to lap some of it up before giving a snort shaking herself; she would have to meet up with Olive soon as it was beginning to become nightfall. She couldn't help but find it a humorous that at night spending time with Olive was basically the part of the day she always looked forward too even if they were just sleeping in a den together.
Olive slid easily over the rocky terrain down the path towards Prime and Olive’s shared den. The tall she-wolf’s ears were pricked forward eagerly as she trotted towards her nestmate. Olive found the nest empty but wasn’t terribly concerned, Prime never failed to arrive and Olive was content to stare out at the stars while she waited. As she lay there, she wondered how it was that things could have
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Cail BPP Profile :iconwhistling-kite:Whistling-Kite 3 0 Solas BPP Profile :iconwhistling-kite:Whistling-Kite 1 0
Code of the Fallen Wolf
   “ wasn’t their doing at all.” Roanoke stood tensely as the wolves gathered around him drawing closer, each and every one of them with their fangs bared, their snarls echoing through the forest. In the midst of them stood a golden furred male. Roan’s eyes narrowed as the male approached him. “Varg was simply a puppet...obeying the commands of his master.” Roan’s words were soft muttered beneath his breath. After a moment of thought the red wolf raised his gaze to that of the golden male.
“The question is...who is the master? Afterall...we both know you’re not smart enough to plan all this. Right? Lyall.”
   The golden male snarled as he charged forward along with the rest of the wolves. Roan braced himself for the onslaught and the night air filled with the howls of hunters as blood stained the earth.
   The sound of running water echoed in his ears as Roan let out a low groan attem
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Grizzled - Bear's Origins
Only in the quiet company of her mate would Llyn let the weight of her burdens show. Bear could never find the right words to help, but he let her lean on his large form, and the pair would snuggle closely through the night. Llyn and Bear – only two and one years of age, respectively – led a small pack of very young wolves. They held a tiny piece of territory, but they had to figure out everything on their own. Without knowing, they stepped on the tails of other packs and other animals. They taught themselves how to hunt and track.
Llyn led the scared, hopeless young wolves with confidence and grace. Bear saw all sides of her, but the knowledge that she doubted every rousing thing she said, every bold decision, only made him love and trust her more.
One of their own raised a rallying howl early one morning. Whenever an intruder drew upon their borders, they gathered the whole pack together to hopefully appear bigger than they were. A few older wolves crossed into their pack
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Scouting Outing :iconwhistling-kite:Whistling-Kite 1 3
Hard Luck with Rabbits
A young wolf braced himself as a gust of wind surged past him. It kicked up flecks of snow that stuck to his light coat. Sekel shook his body to get some of it off as the wind quieted. Hunting proved difficult today, and he had been at it for hours now. Still, he padded atop the crust of snow and kept his head low to smell for prey.
Sekel spotted a large snowdrift in the distance, and began to walk towards it, aiming for the very top. His legs quickly ached as he made his way up the steep incline. Somehow, he grinned. After weeks of mostly spending time by himself and feeling awful, it felt good to give himself a purpose. Even if he did it alone, he would help a pack mate. He glanced back on his paw prints in the expanse of snow and found himself thinking of determination instead of the usual desolation.
When he reached the top of the snow bank, he peered over the side. A grin pulled at his mouth when he spotted a rabbit on the other side, cleaning itself. Sekel propelled himself into
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Epsil - Reference
(Outfit Ref) (Flat Colors)

Name- Epsil

Full name- Epsilce Dusan Pallatidn
Gender- Male
Age- 15
Race- Varia; 1/2 Dragonin, 1/2 Palian
Singlareu- Pocket
Ability/Gift- healing
Height- 5'1’’
Build- smol and lightweight
Sexuality- demi and pansexual
Weapon- scepter/staff
Hobbies- dancing, exploring/eavesdropping/getting into minor trouble with his sister Fay, studying, trying other people’s hobbies along with them, finding quiet places outside to be alone and either chat with himself or hang out in silence
Likes- sweets, music (not too chaotic or rough tho), getting toasty warm despite cold weather, flying, peacefulness, hugs/affection, clear weather, flowers, soft objects
Dislikes- strenuous exercise, arguing, hard decisions, violence, getting in trouble, feeling lonely even when surrounded by people, sound of cracking joints (Miles does this sometimes and it bugs him), moral dilemma thought experiments
Epsil is a kind and caring sweetheart. He can be a little formal, especially with strangers, but he’s almost always friendly. He’s also a bit nervous at times and a big worrier over matters both big and small. He’s the type of person that hates conflict and will compromise himself physically or emotionally to dissolve it. Among friends, he’s quick to apologize to sort things out. If he piles up enough onto himself, it will start to eat at him until he needs to finally vent it out. He’s used to fighting with his sister in this way, where they take turns blowing up at each other when she breaks from outside pressure or he breaks from self-imposed pressure. Regardless, he loves Fay the most out of anyone. Epsil is very protective of his friends, family, and strong values; even though he’s awful at fighting, he will snap and guard others if someone threatens them. Epsil can get heated when it comes to his beliefs, though he is open to correcting himself if needed. He hates when people keep big pieces of information from him, which happened a lot growing up. When presented with big choices, he’s prone to indecision, which can get him into trouble. Epsil can sometimes jump to conclusions, and is somewhat impatient in general. He can also be quite moody if he gets too tired or worked up (he grows out of this more with age, but it still happens). Strangely, like most Pallatidns, Epsil is rather nosy and will sometimes eavesdrop on others.
    Bullet; YellowFay = sister
    Bullet; YellowLeander = father
Bullet; YellowFeray = mother
Bullet; YellowElus = uncle
Bullet; YellowRyo = cousin
    Bullet; YellowEnid and Shun = paternal grandmas
Extra notes-
    Bullet; YellowAs son of King Leander, Epsil is a prince. Despite being the younger sibling, he was raised as the heir once Fay became a varia during her childhood. This is a point of contention between the two, and Epsil would rather Fay take the throne. Eventually, the two siblings share the throne (despite unusual difficulties/circumstances).
    Bullet; YellowEpsil has had a clinical phobia of birds since he was a child. Small birds or bird imagery (ex- Al and Mel’s beaked masks) unsettle him. Large birds, sudden movements/loud noises from birds, flocks of birds, or birds that get too close without warning will give him a flight response. Later on, Gin works with him and Fay on their phobias and they respond well.
    Bullet; YellowHis birthday is March 20th, which is sometimes the first day of spring (happy birthday, Epsil!)


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